‘Good things happen when people work together’
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Aug. 8 edition: MADAWASKA -

To the Editor,

On Tuesday, July 31, I witnessed a fair-sized apartment building burn to a total ruin.

I just happened to come to the four-corner intersection of St. Thomas Street and 11th Avenue, just 100 feet up from the building that was billowing out smoke from the eaves.

At that point, nobody was around. Seconds later, acting Fire Chief Peter Parent pulled-up in his personal vehicle. Off in the distance I could hear sirens approaching. As one truck arrived at the scene, Chief Parent directed him to park in an obviously calculated position. Seconds later, the ladder truck pulled in and simultaneously was assigned to its appointed space. One after another, as emergency vehicles and personnel arrived, they received direction from the chief. Every man and two women on the force or department obviously had been trained for a particular job or duty.

Some were in the limelight of the photographers, while others were hundreds of yards away redirecting traffic but all were needed and all equally important to contain, control, and minimize the fire damage to the burning building as well as other uncomfortably close buildings.

The entire department looked like a bunch of busy bees working for the queen bee.

It was wonderful to see the reciprocity from the Edmundston Fire Department as well.

It is nice to see good things happen when people work together!

Dan Daigle