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Maine IF&W suspends spring hunt on turkeys
AROOSTOOK COUNTY, Maine - The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has suspended the spring hunting season on wild turkeys in Wildlife Management Districts 1-6, in northern Maine. The season had previously been set to start with a youth day on April 26. Other areas of the state are not impacted. “Late winter can be the most critical period for wild turkeys, and unfortunately March of 2014 has been challenging for turkeys in northern Maine,” said Commissioner Chandler Woodcock, according to a press release from his department. The National Weather Service ranked March 2014 in no...
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UMFK to offer co-ed summer camps on soccer and basketball
FORT KENT, Maine – The University of Maine at Fort Kent is offering weeklong co-ed soccer and basketball camps, beginning the second week of July. The soccer camp is scheduled to begin Monday, July...
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Shoveling out the tennis courts
FORT KENT, Maine - Fort Kent tennis team member Ryan Chasse uses a shovel to dig through snow on the tennis courts on Thursday, April 10 at Jalbert Park. The team shoveled the courts for several da...
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Last week of snowmobile riding approaches
ST. JOHN VALLEY, Maine – Daytime temperatures have softened the snow packs on the snowmobile trails, but the snow is "still awesome," according to an April 9 trail report from Kathy Mazzuchelli who...
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Spring ritual: Walking the 'Mills'
FORT KENT, Maine - Scott Pelletier takes a walk around the "Mills" with his family, including daughter Harper. The "Mills" is a popular walking attraction in town, and more people have been flockin...
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Spring fishing begins
SOLDIER POND, Maine - Chris Bard took advantage of the open water at the bridge in Soldier Pond on Saturday, April 5 to do some early season fly fishing. Bard, who lives in Fort Kent, said that the...
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