From the Managing Editor's Desk: Perfect 'Boots' for Halloween
by Elizabeth Deprey
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My little tuxedo cat, Boots, is mostly black with white fingers, a white stripe on her face, and, of course, white “boots.” She is the queen of our house, as well as our security system.

It is very rare for us to have company that is not hissed at, growled at, bitten or scratched by Boots as she does her best to protect our home from intruders. This gives her kind of a bad reputation among my family and friends, but she really is very sweet – if only to me.

We’re just completing her absolute favorite time of year – Halloween decoration season. You see, Boots thinks that all those posters and figurines of black cats arching upward with claws and fangs extended are her. Far be it from me to disagree with her!

Boots has let me live with her for three years, since a wonderful boy in Fort Kent nursed her and her sisters and brothers with eyedroppers and baby formula after her mother was killed, abandoning them in an old shed in Allagash at just a few days old. I covered his story and ended up taking my Boots home with me.

Despite no longer being a kitten, Boots has energy to spare. Being genetically a big hunter, mixed with her circumstances of being an indoor cat, makes her even more inclined toward ferociousness.

In our old apartment, she used to literally fly from the second floor landing onto a chair across the room, which startled some of our guests.

She now lies in wait under the kitchen table or the guest bed, ready to attack if she thinks someone might have bad intentions toward her house. She zips up to someone, scratches them, and zips away in a blur of black fur and white boots. We call this a “Drive-by Booting.”

Over the years, living with Boots, I have collected several black cat Halloween decorations, most of which she has loved. One black cat candy dish she did not appreciate, so she sent it crashing to the floor one night for me to find in the morning. The candy dish joined the three drinking glasses, two mugs, two cooking stones, one figurine, and a lamp in that great dumpster in the sky with all of the other breakable things that she has tossed to the floor because she didn’t like them.

Now that Halloween is over, I will start taking down my Boots decorations and putting up scarecrows and pumpkins in preparation for Thanksgiving. I came back from vacation to find a scarecrow wreath already on the floor – not sure, but I don’t think this is a good sign. Anyone have any black cat Christmas decorations?