How to do all of your holiday shopping without leaving the St. John Valley
by Elizabeth Deprey, Managing Editor
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ST. JOHN VALLEY – A lot of people stress about what to give loved ones for Christmas. They travel to malls and big box stores, saying, “The more options I have, the better chance I have of finding the perfect gift.” Unfortunately, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’re not going to find it, no matter where you look.

Here are some suggestions of Christmas gifts you can find right here in the Valley - and you can save all the money you would have spent on gas to go downstate to perhaps even pick something up for yourself!

For little girls:

Thrift shops and discount stores in the Valley offer a large amount of options for what I consider to be the best little-girl present: a dress-up kit. Whether the little sweetheart in your life likes to play house, grocery store, school or flight attendant, different accessories found in the Valley can help her imagination take flight. Even if she already has some dress-up stuff, more is better so she can include her friends!

Little boys:

I love to buy books for little boys to share reading time with their parents. You could go the imagination route here as well, choosing clay, paints, or any other art supplies that will allow them to make a boring winter afternoon into a creative event.

Teen girls:

I’d recommend jewelry. Girls at this age are starting to branch out of inexpensive jewelry that can be bought at malls, 10 for $10, and into nicer, grown up jewelry for dates and graduations. Watch what kind of jewelry she is already wearing, and any jeweler in the Valley can help you pick out something she will love.

Teen boys:

A lot of boys at this age are getting new (or hand-me-down) cars. Accessories for these cars can be found at many parts stores in the Valley, and there is also the incredibly helpful gas station gift card.


Picking something to go with her hobby is always a good bet: cookbooks or kitchen gadgets for the chef, a gift card to a scrapbooking store for the crafter. Men, if you are buying for a spouse, don’t be afraid to ask her for a few suggestions - get more than one so that what you pick will be a surprise.


Again, I usually look for hobbies. If he is into coffee or wine or cars, options for adding to their enjoyment of those hobbies abound in the Valley. I also find it to be a safe bet to bake something. An inexperienced baker can grab a friend to help, or visit a Valley bakery or grocery store.

Older women:

Many Memeres might tell you they already have everything they need. If that is indeed the case, and you can’t go the hobby route by picking up yarn or fabric, etc., I’d say that a good bet would be flowers. Valley florists can make up beautiful arrangements for any taste or budget, and they only last a little over a week, so it won’t add clutter to a full house.

Older men:

Maybe a new deck of cards for Charlemagne, or one of those weather indicators for indoor-outdoor temperatures. Most men never outgrow their love of toys, after all!


And, when all else fails, you could, of course, pick them up a subscription to the St. John Valley Times.