Mon 5¢
by Don Levesque, Special to the Valley Times
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Face to face to face

It’d be interesting, if not altogether impossible, to count the number of faces some politicians have. Take, for example, the string of politicians denouncing the entrenched Gadhafi. They must surely be aware that there are many photos of themselves, and their predecessors, smiling, shaking Gadhafi’s hand and taking Libyan oil as a reward. And where did he get all those weapons he’s using on his own people? Most probably the same place Saddam Hussein did. And don’t get me going on the “stars” who didn’t know who Gadhafi was. Bande d’hypocrites.

L’ordre du bon temps

According to the book “Champlain’s Dream,” L’ordre du bBon Temps had to do with hunting and fishing and feasting. A member of the crew would be awarded a medal, called l’Ordre du Bon Temps. That individual would form a team and they would go out to hunt and fish. That night the team prepared the meal with what they had killed and fished, and then each member of the team carried part of it on a tray into the dining room. The leader of the team would then bestow the medal, l’Ordre du Bon Temps, on another crew member and challenge that team to go hunting and fishing the next day and then prepare a better meal the following night. C’tais un concours pi les hommes essayais toute d’être le meilleur chasseur pi pêcheur.

Vive tranquille

I was feeling nostalgic and wrote a song about growing up dans l’vieux Grand Isle. It’s called “Vive tranquille” and it goes something like this: Pêcher du p’tit blanc dans ‘a riviére Saint-Jean / Poigner une p’tite truite de temps en temps / Ramasser d’la fugére moué pi mon pére / Corder du bois su’mon pépére. Labourer l’jardin avec nos deux mains / L’ésarber tous ‘es samedi matins / Ramasser des côses a fêve une fois par semaine / Manger les pois a tous ‘es jours d’la s’maine. Couper d’la s’mence une patate a fois / Rouler un gros core su’un plank étroite / Ecouter les vieux parler de la vie / S’conter des peurs toute la nuite. Marcher su’l’traque avec mon p’tit chien PeeWee / Coucher su’l’lawn moué pi lui / En arriére d’la maison on change le huile du l’char / Les fin de s’maine ont peut s’coucher tard. Vive tranquille dans nos p’tite villes /Vive tranquille dans l’vieux Grand Isle.