‘Daily calls about schemes of every type’
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March 30 edition -

To the Editor:

The foreign-sounding voice that absolutely couldn’t pronounce my name even after I said it right was the first big clue. He was offering me 2.5 million dollars. Unlike the first two times when I informed the callers that I believed this was a scam and said, “I’m hanging up now,” I stayed on the line a little longer, wishing to hear the bottom line. As soon as they could get $ 250.19 to pay for my government signing off on this transaction, my millions would be promptly deposited, including the $250.19, into my bank account. What a deal!

“I still think this is a scam.”

“No, Ma’am, we got your name address and phone number from one of the stores you shop at,” and they gave me a list of possible sources that included many not in this area.

He finally said, “I can give you the phone number of my supervisor.” It was an 800 number; it wouldn’t cost anything.

“Can you call now?” he insisted.”

“Possibly not,” I responded, “as I’m in the middle of tutoring a child.”

The last time a scam like this went around was a letter from Nigeria telling us a former boyfriend in Africa had died and had left us tons of money, and for a small fee and our bank number the transaction would be complete. My sister Jackie got such a letter; since she just celebrated her 50th year in the religious life, we had quite a time imagining the scenario.

Many people got that letter. I finally had to get a statement from the Attorney General in Augusta stating the illegitimacy of the offer. The AG’s Office Consumer Assistance person told me they get daily calls about schemes of every type. The worst calls they get are from people who have been bilked out of thousands of dollars by these foreign entities and are irretrievable.

You can reach Consumer Assistance at the Department of the Attorney General by calling 1-800-436-2131 or 1-207-626-8849.

I urge you all to hold on to your $250.19.

Judy Paradis