From bachelorette to fiancée
by Monique Labbe, Reporter
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Aug. 3 edition -

MADAWASKA - After 11 weeks of watching Ashley Hebert gain love, lose love, and have her fair share of cries, millions of viewers across America made it to their television sets Monday night to watch as the 27-year-old from Madawaska chose J.P Rosenbaum.

The 34-year-old construction manager from Roslyn, N.Y. won Ashley’s heart after a shaky meeting with her mother Laurie, stepfather Mike, older sister Chrystie and younger brother Elliot, who flew to Fiji to assist Ashley with her monumental decision. Ashley’s sister grilled the potential love interest on the logistics of his relationship with Ashley before telling him that she did not think he was the one for her sister. Rosenbaum struggled with the interrogation, particularly after being told there was nothing that could change her mind. Her sister’s perception of Rosenbaum caused Ashley to really step back and try to figure out if he really was the man she could see herself with.

In the meantime, Ashley introduced bachelor number two, Ben Flajnik, to her family. Ashley had a discussion with her sister prior to his meeting the family to try and defend her relationship with J.P. and to ask her sister to be a little more supportive, but Chrystie stuck to her belief that J.P. was not the right man for Ashley. Accordingly, Ben’s family date went much smoother than J.P.’s had the day before, as he adequately answered all of Chrystie’s questions with answer’s that seemed sufficient to the older sister.

After meeting the family, both J.P. and Ben each went on a one-on-one date, where both men admitted their undeniable love for Ashley amidst helicopter rides, mud baths and two candle-lit romantic dinners. After both dates were over and only 30 minutes (in television time) stood between Ashley and her final decision, it was still unclear if she would give her heart to Ben or J.P.

At the final rose ceremony of the season, both men proposed to Ashley, but it was J.P.’s proposal that she accepted, sending Ben off the beautiful island of Fiji heartbroken and angry. The show ended on a high note, with J.P. slipping a ring on Ashley’s finger and hearing the words “I love you” come out of her mouth for the first time, as she was not allowed to say it until the final rose had been given.

After the big decision, Ashley and J.P. made their first public appearance since filming the season finale on “The Bachelorette: the Final Rose,” where her family surprised her by being in the studio audience. The show, which was filmed a couple weeks ago, served as a fresh start for J.P. and Ashley’s sister Chrystie, as Chrystie apologized for judging J.P. during their first initial meeting.

“Its water way under the bridge,” said J.P. during the show.

Ashley will be finishing up dental school in Philadelphia, after which she and J.P. will be moving in together in New York City, according to the couple during “the Final Rose.”