Don's Desk: Summer fun
by Don Eno, Reporter
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When it is not raining, Olivia and her younger sister Mya beat the heat with some water fun.
- SJVT photo / Don Eno
When it is not raining, Olivia and her younger sister Mya beat the heat with some water fun. - SJVT photo / Don Eno
Aug. 3 edition -

Summer in the St. John Valley is a special time. After the long winter, and the interminable “mud / flood season,” we all look forward to more hours of daylight and warm sunshine.

With a variety of outdoor activities all around, there is no shortage of things to do. Even when the weather turns sour, as it has all too often this summer so far, we have lots of experience finding things to do indoors, thanks to living through those long dark winters.

For the Valley school children however, the summer may seem too short. They just got done in the middle of June, and now they are already getting prepared to go back in just a couple of weeks? That is the middle of August, which is still the middle of summer.

But we are making the most of it, and my kids are taking it in stride. Swimming, of course, is a priority. Whether at the town pool in Fort Kent, or in Soldier Pond, right behind the house, they are making the most of acting like fish.

One night we were all out until nearly 9 p.m., playing in the cool river. We have been fishing and kayaking as well, and they have collected baby fish, lily pad leaves and special rocks from the shore.

But there are so many other cool things to do, and we can’t stay in our bathing suits all summer. So, we have been to see several movies in 3D (which is very cool, by the way), and the kids have been choreographing their own dance routines and rollerblading. We have also been back to the New Brunswick Botanical Garden in St. Jacques, N.B.

Even if summer vacation is shorter in the Valley, in the end, I think that kids around here (and grown-ups, too) have just as much fun as folks elsewhere. So take the time to enjoy the longer days, even as each one is now getting a bit shorter. Those dishes and that cleaning can wait.

All too soon farmers will be preparing harvesting machinery, and I will be getting my shotgun ready for bird season. Lots of fun stuff to do in the fall as well, but that is another story.