Raising animals: Part of our farming heritage
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June 13 edition -

To the Editor,

As grandparents, I must say it hurts to see what’s happening to our grandkids. Let’s go back to last September.

Both of our grandkids and their Dads came to give us a hand to get our harvest out. During this time, a friend went to help with their own animals. Two of the animals got out with no one’s fault. So they got rid of those animals. Now the rest of the animals are kept in a fenced area and well managed and clean. It’s a joy to see our grandkids enjoying this.

Now, if we look back in our family background, in one way or other there was always someone with chickens, cows, pigs or what have you to live on. That was a way of life. So with that said, we are not asking to have 100 animals.

We just want him to continue with what he is doing in Madawaska and showing him how to stay alive if it should come to that. Raising animals used to be a good way of life, if you all think about it. Maybe not always easy, but a good life.

That said, he and his friends during summer vacation enjoy doing this. So, to the few Madawaska selectmen, I ask, why take this away from them?

And another thing, while the kids are raising animals, they are not running around town and on the computer getting into trouble. You know this is supposed to be a nice place to stay, and people are - most of the time - easy to get along with and look at situations with an open mind.

I thought you guys are supposed to work for us, not against us or to prove a point.

Come on, there are things more important than this issue. Who is my family hurting?

Linda Dumais

St. Agatha